Might I be right for you?

Finding a therapist can be tricky and awkward. Impressive sounding letters after someone’s name doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get on together; there are some brilliant therapists charging what appear to be really low rates and some truly dreadful ones charging a fortune.

Making sure your therapist is a member of a governing body as well as having insurance are all good places to start. Any therapist should be happy to explain their qualifications, background and anything else pertaining to their practice.

I welcome initial enquiries by phone or email and hope this website gives you a bit of an indication as to whether you think we can work together.

My approach to clinical work is fairly straightforward. It’s important for us to have a goal or direction of travel to head towards – otherwise, there’s a risk of the work drifting.

I’ll always check with you that your sessions are going the way you want them to go and that you’re getting the results you wanted.

If there’s a clear evidence base for a particular difficulty – I’ll follow that! Often such evidence bases are in the realm of my CBT practice; and following an evidence base can mean that therapy is relatively brief (12-16 sessions). Other problem types or difficulties might not have a great evidence base; in which case, our work together will depend on the formulation or problem map that we come up with.

I like my work to be as collaborative as possible – solutions to difficulties have more power if they come from you!

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